Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Counter Revolution Against The Counter Revolution

Honestly I've never heard of the expression "counter revolution" until after the January 25th revolution of Egypt. From what we all understand a counter revolution is a -revolution- or movement by any old toppled regime or monarchy trying  to abort the newly formed system so they could come back to power or try to save whatever could be saved.

A lot of speculations and  allegations about a counter revolution have been ongoing for quite some time, some may be true and have basis of reality other being of mere fiction and evidence-less.
Some two weeks ago, someone -whom i cant remember his name now, from Al Ahram Center for Political & Strategic Studies (ACPSS) was on ONTV and claimed some remnants of the old regime were running the counter revolution from what he said was "a dark room in a villa in Moqatam", others sources claimed the same but from a villa in Zamalek.
Then came the famous episode of Alaa Al Aswany and Belal Fadl (2 prominent Egyptian writers) with Yousri Fouda on the same channel last wednesday discussing the counter revolution's plans to cause nationwide unrest and their list of "100 assassinations" of public figures that may expose the old regime, the subject which Belal Fadl wrote 2 articles about in Almasry Alyoum newspaper last week. In the very same episode, the mysterious ex-police colonel Omar Affifi called from his exile in the US, according to his sources whom he refused to mention by names , there were lots of weapons and heavy arms being smuggled through the western and southern Egyptian borders to certain groups he refused to name.

So what do we have now? only some pieces of news which are mostly without any evidence or backing from other sources, so better call them to this moment as rumors. If according to the ACPSS man, a plan was being in the makes, why wouldn't he simply point out names and give the exact locations? maybe this can't be  told on tv, he could easily have informed the authorities. Same with Belal Fadl's articles, we never saw the list he mentioned. If a real race of armament was taking place inside our country, why didn't Affifi warn us where the weapons were going and to whom and against whom will they be used.

I'm not implying these respectable figures are trying to deceive us, it is just the whole thing might be part of the counter revolution and they are doing it inadvertently. Maybe they too are being fooled as we do, the real counter revolution wants to deviate us from our goals and disperse us from our real dreams. We have the battle of the next parliament elections which until now they still hold control over the masses which if we do not act swiftly we will lose their votes. They want us to be so busy discussing trivial issues -or issues that might be of utmost importance but are not effective at the end- and forget about the real work that ought to be done.

Even reading this blog discussing the counter revolution, acts as a way of diversion from the real issues, but even if the whole "100 assassinations" plot was true, and even if it was carried out, it is not the end of the road. We are 80 million, and from day one the revolution had no leader so no one will ever have control  on the people's will nor their dreams, if they kill even 1000 the rest are still willing to continue the journey till the very last breath.

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  1. i think we should focus on our goals without any distraction , nonetheless we should deal seriously with those concerns, because simply we would be mistaken if we think
    that the old regime gave up!!!one way or the other they would be trying to come back and they have the power and money and the dirty minds ,for example i cant imagine that Jemmy decided just to let it go !!! so we should get rid of them asap.