Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Political Awareness Road Map

When the referendum outcome resulted in what seemed a shocking result for many -the fact of the big gap between Yes and No and the 60% of voting force who did not bother to participate-, many observers seemed to have detected the major fault which is the lack of communication between the internet and social media community and the average citizen in the street.

The whole idea of this campaign is not to convince people of a certain candidate,party or ideology, but simply informing them of their duties and their rights, as well as the basic principals of not being manipulated by false religious teachings or selling their voices and entrenching the notion that their voice counts.

Simply, the basic tactics of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing can be applied. Each one of us, the internet people or better say the better aware people will have to teach at least 2 people of these simple basics. By saying 2 people here we are mainly targeting the less privileged who are supposedly less politically aware due to lots of reason, like your housemaid, janitor, driver, doorman...etc
We all agree that we have to take it down to the streets at this stage, so try to engage in these conversations with random people in local coffee shops. public transport, cabs, work place..etc and do not waste time in debating with people who are already aware of this just to impose your opinion.

And after you finish your talk you will ask them to do the same with more people and etc... ("pay it forward" principle) so the numbers can increase exponentially in a short time.

We do not have time in our side, but it is still not too late.
We can hopefully have a snowball effect at the end.

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