Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Personal Stance On Religious Groups

Ok, I've been heavily criticized for my last entry, some thought I was throwing responsibility on the religious groups for swinging the vote towards a Yes and passing the amendments. Well, I did and I didn't.

Of course I do not believe all who voted pro the amendments were under influence of these groups, nor do I ever accuse them of being ignorant or traitors; they had their own reasons which I totally respect and for the sake of the democracy I've always wanted to live in and I have to respect the outcome of the voting process.

Then whom am i against? I'm against everyone who happens to use people's weaknesses and needs for his own need and interests, like the Muslim Brotherhood who were always playing the victims's role during the last regime's reign and are now using the very same tactics they suffered from (200 LE were being distributed in certain areas to encourage people to vote for Yes, eyewitnesses reported).

I'm against intimidation tactics and using people's soft spot towards religion to lure them to a certain vote, though Mr.Essam El Eryan claimed on tv the infamous "voting for yes is a religious duty" wasn't from the MB, there were lots of them all over, i saw some of them in Nasr City and some acquaintances in Alexandria claim there were minivans circulating some areas of the city and playing out the same message from recorders.
So if you were so jealous for you religion, why didn't we ever see a poster encouraging people to pray or fast as they are religious duties too? why wasn't it a religious duty to vote Yes for Mubarak?

I'm against deliberately misinforming people and taking advantage of their ignorance, Mohamed Hussein Yaqoub (a Salafi imam) appeared on a video on youtube today congratulating the masses attending his sermon of a "victory for the people who voted for religion", to a vote that was about 9 articles of a constitution that did not even include the debatable Article 2 of the constitution.

I wont be considering some of the Islamic groups past doctrines of violence as they declared they revised their ideologies and now it is a new page. I believe them in this one and I wont be judging them depending on their past.

We've always been annoyed by what we hear that the Church directs its followers to certain political opinions, which might all be rumors afterall.

So, I do not want religion to interfere in scenes it does not fit to intervene in, as much as I do not want politics to harm religion by any means.

A famous saying  : Religion spoils politics and politics spoils religion.

**to this point I finished writing the original text, then i found some further interesting stuff so I felt obliged to add :

And here's a flyer asking to vote Yes lest a non-muslim president can rule us one day under a secular state that can come through a new constitution.
Just for the knowledge, the neither the constitution nor its amended version state that the president must be a muslim.

And here is a very moderate Imam (Sheikh Osama Al Qousy) who shows the true side of the religion, and in a way sums up some of what I wanted to say


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  2. Being th first to comment as usual ,
    1- Certainly not all the pro-amendments voters are ignorant and mind-washed , but if we assume that who voted convincingly was almost the same as the "no" voters then at least 8 or 9 million were manipulated and used .

    2- Concerning Essam el 3eryan`s denial of their affiliation with the campaigns u mentioned , considering that they actually happened , it only means one of two things that are equally dangerous :

    First : He`s lying we hayro7 el nar .

    Second : The MB have multiple incoherent thoughts ,and even if some are respectful and moderate, apparently some of them are also as extreme as we see , so how could they be trusted as a group/brotherhood/party .. whatever they call themselves now ?!!

    3- I partially disagree with the saying that : Religion spoils politics and politics spoils religion. Politics certainly spoils religion , but religion has a great potential in reforming politics .. however I would never trust any politician who claim religiosity nor would I ever elect him on that basis... I would love to see in action instead afterwards.

    As sha3rawy once said :
    أتمنى أن يصل الدين إلى أهل السياسة وأن لا يصل أهل الدين إلى السياسة

  3. no one can say that there wasnt mistakes in the voting process and that there wasnt any religous packing.... but the main question is how can we solve these mistakes???
    i see what u r trying to do is a conter-attack on the islamist group, which i clearly see its only revenge from the the suprising result from voting... well the message thats reaching the ordinary ppl and the less educated ppl in the villages and country-sides , is that u r attacking "all of islam" from thier narrow piont of view!!! , and that will only increase sympathy and support for the Islamist groups... and then they will look to LIBERAL politicions as only the enemy that want to dimolish isalm.

    At the end, i think that the plan is explaining to ppl our piont of view, telling them that we r on ur side, we want your best intrest, we support the pure religion, and only from that piont they will start listening to u ..